Email Recovery

5 Vital Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Hard Drive for Backup

It’s always a good idea and habit to back up our data. And currently hard drive has been one of the most popular backup media. What kind of hard drive is the best choice for you? Here are 5 concerns you should think about when buying. To protect painful data loss, mounting computer users are paying more attention to data backups. For example, as long as you back up PST files, even if Outlook crashes, you still can recover PST data via backups with utmost ease. When it comes to data...

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In-Depth Understanding of Virtual Directories in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to see the features and functionalities of Virtual Directories of Exchange servers in detail. Introduction: Virtual Directories in Microsoft Exchange is used for applications and other clients that use web based services. For instance, services like ActiveSync, Outlook Web App etc., are some of the in-built features that uses Virtual Directories. They are mainly used by Internet Information services (IIS) for establishing access with the Exchange’s Web...

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In-Depth Understanding of Transport Rules in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to see how the transport rules works in Exchange servers and its functionalities in detail. Introduction: Transport Rules are defined in the Exchange Systems to efficiently control, moderate and divert the mail flow as per our requirements. These rules take complete control of all the Incoming and outgoing emails and action as per the scope of the rule. These rules are acting upon mails before it reaches the mailbox at server end. Once the mails are reached...

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