Email Recovery

In-depth Concepts on Microsoft Exchange PowerShell (Part II)

In the last article, we have seen the introduction of Exchange Power Shell. And in this article we are going to learn how to use it Get started with Exchange PowerShell: To write scripts, one should know the related cmdlets and parameters corresponding to their task. As Microsoft keeps introducing new and depreciating some old cmdlets, it is not easy for anyone to know all the cmdlets and parameters. Hence Microsoft has introduced multiple ways to discover the cmdlets for each tasks and help...

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4 Key Factors for a Successful File Recovery

This article will discuss about the 4 critical factors which can make impact on the chances of file recovery. Depending on the variables, you will get to know some vital do’s and don’ts in the event of data loss. When deleting a file accidentally, most people will feel it irrecoverable. But in fact, the file may still exist on the drive as long as they haven’t been overwritten by the new data. Therefore, in order to prevent overwriting data, you should stop using the disk as soon as...

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2 Methods to Quickly Forward Outlook Emails with a Template

If you often need to type the same content when you forward emails in Outlook, forwarding with a template will save you a lot of time. This article will exhibit two simple means about it. In my daily work, I’m often required to forward many emails from superior to the other colleagues. And in the forwarding emails, I usually need to type the same text in message body, which is entirely a repetitive and inefficient work. Thus I’ve done some researches about how to quickly forward these...

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