Email Recovery

5 Common Signs Your Computer Is Going to Crash

Computer crash is entirely a nightmare for almost everyone. Data stored in it will get in danger. Now this article will introduce 5 signs that a computer is going to crash and offer effective solutions. To avoid data loss due to computer crash, the best approach is to keep a regular data backup. It will facilitate data recovery when the computer data is gone. For example, as long as you back up your Outlook data, even though computer crash and all of them have vanished, you still can recover...

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Why Send Connector is Important in Exchange Server?

In this article, we are going to see the importance of Exchange 2010 server send connector, creation and its functionalities. Introduction: If you are sending emails to other companies or to a different domains then Exchange server will use send connector to transfer the email to a different company’s mail server. We have seen a detailed information about the mail flow in our previous article in this series. In this article we are going to see how send connector need to be configured and...

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How to Change the Map Service Used by Outlook Contacts

When you open a contact item, you will see a “Map It” button in “Addresses” part. It allows us to check a contact’s address in a map. As a rule, Outlook use Bing Map as the default mapping service. You can also change it as per you preference by the following method. When I add an address to an Outlook contact, I am accustomed to checking it in a map. Fortunately, Outlook is so kind that it offers a mapping service. In first run, I find that it is using Bing Map by default. But...

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