Email Recovery

2 Quick Methods to Restore Missing Outlook Jump List

Jump list refers to the menu popping up when we right click the Outlook icon on the taskbar. Via it, we can quickly create a new item. But it is also common to lose the jump list. This article will introduce 2 ways to restore it. According to another article in our blog – “How to Improve Your Efficiency by Adding Often-Used Templates to Outlook Jump List”, we can discover that jump list not only supports to rapidly create new items but also permits us to swiftly access Outlook...

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4 Steps to Use a Favorite Icon for Your Outlook

Someone may dislike the default icon for Outlook program. This article will exhibit a method to apply a favorite icon to your Outlook. It can be accomplished just in 4 steps. As we all know, Outlook 2010 uses a yellow icon. But since Outlook 2013, it has changed to a blue one. To be honest, I am still using Outlook 2010, but I prefer the blue icon. Hence I feel like changing Outlook icon from the default yellow to blue. Here are my solutions. Step 1: Procure an Icon File as Per Your...

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4 Tips for Small Businesses to Protect Data from Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are growing in intensity nowadays. Unlike large businesses that have numerous resources to withstand these attacks, small businesses have no sufficient budget or awareness to protect their data. This article will offer some suggestions for small businesses. In the contemporary era, cyber attacks have become more and more diversified. It includes viruses, malware, ransomware, Trojan and direct hacking, etc. In this situation, sometimes even IT professionals cannot promise to...

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