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4 Steps to Use a Favorite Icon for Your Outlook

Someone may dislike the default icon for Outlook program. This article will exhibit a method to apply a favorite icon to your Outlook. It can be accomplished just in 4 steps. As we all know, Outlook 2010 uses a yellow icon. But since Outlook 2013, it has changed to a blue one. To be honest, I am still using Outlook 2010, but I prefer the blue icon. Hence I feel like changing Outlook icon from the default yellow to blue. Here are my solutions. Step 1: Procure an Icon File as Per Your...

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4 Tips for Small Businesses to Protect Data from Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are growing in intensity nowadays. Unlike large businesses that have numerous resources to withstand these attacks, small businesses have no sufficient budget or awareness to protect their data. This article will offer some suggestions for small businesses. In the contemporary era, cyber attacks have become more and more diversified. It includes viruses, malware, ransomware, Trojan and direct hacking, etc. In this situation, sometimes even IT professionals cannot promise to...

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Dig Deeper into Journaling in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to look into the concept of Journaling, which is a widely used method for the compliance in the messaging industry. Introduction: Microsoft Exchange Journaling is an option to record and store a copy of all emails which was sent in and out of your organization. Journaling in Exchange 2010 can be set up in database level as well as organization level. An exclusive mailbox called the Journal Mailbox is created for this purpose. Envelope Journaling: There is...

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