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Profound Understanding of Database Availability Groups in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to see the function and features of Database Availability Group in Exchange server which is to meet the high availability requirement. Introduction: Database Availability Group (DAG) is a feature that was introduced in Exchange 2010 for High Availability and Data Recovery for Mailbox Databases. It is referred as DAG in short, though DAG was introduced to provide High Availability for Mailbox Database, it also offers additional features for Transport High...

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Role Based Access Control in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to look in to Role Based Access Control (RBAC), which is used to control the access in Exchange system. Introduction: Role Based Access Control is on the successful permission model that was introduced in Exchange 2010. It is referred as RBAC in short. Unlike the traditional permissions models, RBAC is different, efficient and user friendly. The Legacy versions prior to 2010 had the Access Control List (ACL) for managing the Exchange environment, which was quite...

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2 Quick Methods to Restore Missing Outlook Jump List

Jump list refers to the menu popping up when we right click the Outlook icon on the taskbar. Via it, we can quickly create a new item. But it is also common to lose the jump list. This article will introduce 2 ways to restore it. According to another article in our blog – “How to Improve Your Efficiency by Adding Often-Used Templates to Outlook Jump List”, we can discover that jump list not only supports to rapidly create new items but also permits us to swiftly access Outlook...

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