Email Recovery

5 Most Common Reasons for Accidental Data Losses in Smartphone

Currently, almost everything has gone digital. Data isn’t restricted in computer any longer. It can be stored in other devices, including smartphone. It also means that data can be lost by more ways. This article will focus on smartphone data loss and outline its 5 causes. In the contemporary era, data is ubiquitous. In the past, when it comes to data, we will think of desktop computer, laptop and so forth. But nowadays, there are more and more mobile data storage devices springing up,...

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How to Customize the New Contact Form in Your Outlook

When creating new Outlook contact items, you may feel that there are many useless fields and lacks of your desired fields in the default Contact form. Actually you can customize a new contact form as per your needs. This article will introduce how to achieve it in details. Every time when I create a new contact, I always need to add some additional info, such as gender, hobbies, children and so forth. However, by default, the main window of New Contact doesn’t contain them. I have to go to...

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How to Include BCC Info When Printing a Sent Email in Outlook

When you try to print a Send Email in Outlook, the email addresses in BCC field won’t be printed out by default. If you wish to include BCC info in printout, you should make some extra efforts. This article will introduce a handy method. Sometimes you may need to BCC emails to some people. Generally speaking, due to the fact that BCC info is secretive, not only will the actual recipients be unable to see it, but also you cannot print it out. But if you indeed need to print the BCC info for...

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