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How to NOT Append the Default Signature to New Outlook Messages Created from Template

If you’ve specified a default signature in Outlook, when you create a new message from a template, the signature will be added automatically too. If you dislike it, you can use the quick method introduced in this article to disable it. When composing message templates in Outlook, you may get used to including the signature directly in the template. However, when you create a new email from the template, Outlook will automatically insert the default signature as well. In this case, there...

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4 Methods to Make Outlook New Mail Desktop Alert to Stay Longer

Someone thinks that the duration of Outlook new mail desktop alert is too short. In this article, we will expose 4 effective approaches to make the alert to stay longer. By default, Outlook new mail desktop alert will stay for 7 seconds only. In other words, the alert will disappear after 7 seconds automatically. Therefore, if you aren’t beside computer, you may miss the alert and even miss the important emails. If you would like to change the alert duration, here are 4 handy methods for...

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4 Effective Tips to Extend Your Hard Drive’s Life

For computer users, hard drive failure is a scary nightmare. But all hard drives will die sooner or later. No one can prevent it. What we can do is to take some effective measures to prolong the drive’s life. When a hard drive fails, all the internal data will disappear. Thus, before taking actions to prevent hard drive failures, you had better back up your data. For example, you should back up PST files, such that you can recover Outlook PST data even if the drive goes on strike. On...

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