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6 Tips to Work Best with Your RAID System

RAID is a combination of several independent hard drives, which can provide data redundancy. This article will introduce 6 techniques to enable your RAID system to play its best role. RAID is well-known for its array use and large storage capacity. It is indeed more reliable than a single hard drive or other data storage media due to its tolerance of one drive failure in the array. Despite this, it doesn’t mean that data loss won’t take place in RAID. Users should keep cautious about...

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2 Methods to Link Tasks with an Appointment in Outlook

Many users have the wish to link several tasks with an appointment in Outlook. In this article, we will focus on this issue and introduce 2 approaches. Sometimes, we indeed hope to associate task with appointment in Outlook. For example, we have an important appointment in our Outlook calendar. Before the appointment, we need to do some additional preparations. So we create several individual tasks for this appointment. At this point, we must wish to link these items. In response to this...

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