Email Recovery

2 Methods to Change Tasks’ Due Dates to a Specific Date in Batches

When we find that some tasks’ due dates are too close, we will hope to defer them to a later date, like one week later. Changing one by one will be quite time-consuming. This article will introduce 2 quick methods. As usual, before a great event, such as an important yearly meeting, I have to do much preparatory work. So as to better schedule my work, I create several tasks in Outlook. However, for some reasons, I can’t finish the tasks on schedule. So I intend to delay the tasks to a...

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What to Do If Mailto Links Cannot Open Outlook?

Someone complains that when he clicks on a mailto link, a related mail webpage opens instead of the expected Outlook app. This article will focus on this issue and provide some effective measures. Generally speaking, as long as you’ve configured Mailto protocol in Windows to use MS Outlook as default, clicking on a mailto link will definitely open Outlook. If not, there are great chances that you’re using third party Internet Browse rather than the default Internet Explorer, such as...

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6 Tricks to Safely Recover from RAID Data Loss

Although RAID is able to provide data redundancy, data loss can occur to it as well. This article will focus on the data recovery after RAID data loss and introduce 6 tips about how to safely recover. RAID is much more reliable than individual drive due to its redundant array use of hard drives in a single logical unit. Despite this advantage, when internal hard drives fail, the array can get failed, too. In this case, the data will be lost. If you’re intending to recover the data, you had...

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