Email Recovery

How to Clear or Add Contacts to Outlook Auto-Complete List

Outlook Auto-Complete can suggest some contacts or email addresses when you’re typing in the “To” field. This article will teach you how to reset the auto-complete list and add new contacts or addresses to it. So-called “Auto-Complete” refers to the suggestions which will pop up when you type some letters or other characters in the “To” field. This feature is able to keep a list of the addresses that you’ve sent emails to. Unlike the “Suggested Contacts” folder in the new...

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How to Create Notes with Favorite Formatting and Attachments in Outlook

Outlook comes packed with the “Notes” feature. But note items must be in plain text. You cannot set text formatting or append files in them. This article will introduce a workaround to create notes with formatting and attachments. Outlook Note is the most basic item, which doesn’t support text formatting or attachments. However, sometimes, so as to write down more details, you may hope to create such a note item which has formatting and attachments. Now that Outlook Notes cannot...

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4 Tricks for Businesses to Secure Data on Network

For businesses, data loss can be fatal. Thus, it is a permanent and arduous task to keep data secure. This article will focus on the data on the network and offer 4 tips to protect it. With the advent and development of network technology, both individuals and businesses have benefited a lot, such as the cloud-based service. However, in the meantime, more and more risks come along as well. For instance, it’s increasingly difficult to protect our data in delivery or storage on the network....

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