Email Recovery

5 Methods to Configure Outlook Not to Send out Emails Directly

Some users hope that they can control Outlook’s sending feature, namely prevent emails from being sent out directly when they click the “Send” button. In this article, we will introduce 5 approaches. At times, after you click the “Send” button, something else comes to your mind. For example, you want to add an additional attachment, or you wish to rephrase the email, and so on. All in all, in such cases, you will desire that Outlook won’t send emails directly or automatically...

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6 Top Mistakes You Must Avoid in RAID Data Recovery

If your RAID goes on strike and you have no backups, you will need to attempt data recovery. But once one fault is made in this process, you may loss all of your data. This article will tell you the 6 top mistakes you have to avoid in RAID recovery. It is known that all the data storage media can get corrupted. Therefore, so as to keep your data well-protected, you’d better make a consistent data backup. It will come in handy if you suffer data corruption. For example, when Outlook crashes...

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How to Auto Send a Notification Email When a Specific Task Is Completed in Outlook

After completing a task in Outlook, many users may wish to send a notification email to notify someone, such as the superior. Sending the email manually will be time-consuming. This article will introduce a quick method to auto send this kind of emails. From the article “4 Rapid Steps to Assign Task to Others in Your Outlook”, you can know that if the task is assigned to you from your superior and they’ve required a status report in advance, like the screenshot below, they will be able...

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