Email Recovery

How to Auto Assign a Task to a Specific Person at a Scheduled Time with Outlook VBA

Many users desire that Outlook can automatically assign a specific task to specific people at a scheduled time, like the “Delay Delivery” feature for emails. This article will introduce how to make it realized via Outlook VBA. As we all know, Outlook permits us to send emails at a scheduled time by means of “Delay Delivery” feature, like the following screenshot: However, this feature is only available for emails, not for meetings or tasks. Thus, many people are looking...

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Network Attached Storage vs Cloud Storage: Which Is Better for Your Data?

Since that Network Attached Storage is using hard drives connected to network, it is often compared with cloud storage. This article will expose their main differences from 4 facets. As we all know, data backup is extremely important in that it will contribute a lot to data recovery. For example, when Outlook crashes and Outlook data is corrupt, if we’re keeping a current backup, we can easily recover damaged Outlook data from the backup. In the meantime, with data backup increasingly...

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4 Top MS Exchange Issues Experienced by Users

In this article we look at some of the most common issues experienced by Ms Exchange users and attempt to look at how these can be resolved. None of the computer applications can ever be available without any kind of user error. This is not to say that errors are in-built in the application, but errors in an application often arise due to an incorrect command given by the user or attempting to execute commands the application is not designed to execute. There can be multiple other reasons...

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