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2 Workarounds to Print an Outlook Contact with the Photo

When you print an Outlook contact in a normal manner, you’ll find that the contact photo won’t be included in the printing. So if you want to print contacts along with the photos, you have to seek other means. Here are 2 workarounds to realize it. In general, to print an Outlook contact, you will tend to firstly pitch on it and then click “File” > “Print”. However, you will discover that all the 5 default print styles cannot support to print the contact photos, shown as the...

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3 Methods to Forward a Meeting Invitation without Notifying the Organizer

By default, when you forward a meeting invitation, Outlook will automatically send a notification mail to the meeting organizer. If you dislike this, you can follow the 3 simple tricks introduced in this article. As usual, when you intend to forward a received meeting invitation by clicking on “Forward” button on “Home” tab of Mail section, you will receive a reminder that a meeting forward notification will be sent to the meeting organizer. It looks like the following...

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4 Tips for Optimizing Hard Drive to Improve Your PC Performance

Do you feel that your computer cannot work as rapidly as before? More often than not, the culprit is the hard drive that is used to store all your PC data. So if you want to enhance your PC performance, you should start from optimizing hard drive. Hard drive in a computer is responsible for storing all the computer data. Though it is a relatively secure location for data, with time going on, the drive must slow down and ultimately break down due to various reasons. Thereby, you shouldn’t...

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