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4 Signs That Your Solid State Drive is About to Fail

Compared to traditional hard disk drive, solid state drive indeed has many advantages in terms of speed and stability. But it still can fail due to too many bad blocks. This article will teach you how to identify if your solid state drive is about to fail due to bad blocks. It’s known that a hard disk drive contains physical moving parts. But a solid state drive doesn’t have. This means that the solid state drive is exempt from old disk issues. But solid state drive is not flawless. Like...

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How to Rename the Attachments When Forwarding an Email in Outlook

Sometimes, when you forward an email that contains several attachments, you may want to rename the attachments directly when forwarding. This article will teach you how to accomplish it with Outlook VBA. By default, Outlook doesn’t permit user to rename attachments when forwarding. Therefore, if you would like to rename them, the unique way is to first save the files to a local folder on your computer, then rename them and next re-attach them to the forwarding email. Obviously this method...

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2 Methods to Count the Total Number of the Emails from Specific Senders in Outlook

If you would like to count the total number of the emails from specific senders, how can you achieve it? This article introduce you 2 quick means. You can choose either based on the amount of the specific senders. Sometimes, for some reasons, such as making some statistics in order to plan for future work, you may be required to get a count of the Outlook emails from one or more specific senders. You must be reluctant to count them one by one in that it is pretty time-consuming and prone to...

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