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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Dealing with Solid State Drive

Although solid state drive will never suffer mechanical issues, if you frequently do something wrong, you will accelerate its degradation and endanger the data. This article will expose 5 mistakes that you have to avoid in handling solid state drive. Compared with traditional hard disk drive, which applies the mechanical moving parts to read/write data, solid state drive employs flash-based memory. Thereby, solid state drive works far differently from the hard disk drive. In terms of speed,...

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Recovery Database – How They are Different from Standard Exchange Mailboxes

In this article we learn about the benefits of Recovery Databases in Ms Exchange and understand how they are different from normal Exchange databases. A special type of mailbox database in present in MS Exchange, called Recovery Database (RDB), is used for a very specific task. RDB allows users to mount restored mailbox databases for the purpose of extracting data from restored databases, under recovery operations. This extraction can be done using the cmdlet; New-MailboxRestoreRequest....

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How to Let Outlook Warn You When Sending an Email Larger Than a Specific Size

When sending a too large email, you will find it difficult to send it out successfully. So why not make Outlook to automatically check the mail size before sending? This article will teach you how to realize it with Outlook VBA. As usual, when you intend to attach a file larger than a specific size, you’ll get an Outlook alert, which will stop you from attaching it. MS Outlook comes endowed with this feature, aimed to ensure that the email can be sent out successfully. But if the email is...

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