Email Recovery

10 No-Nos When Encountering Hard Drive Failures

When it comes to drive failures, apart from many precautions, what is also important is the correct solution after the disaster. Thus we will discuss 10 taboos when you come across the hard drive failures to help you reduce the loss. When it comes to data protection, there are so many tricks talking about what you should do, like making regular Outlook backups to ensure the success of Outlook recovery. But today we will focus on what you should not do when meeting the typical data...

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A Quick Introduction of Data Loss Prevention in Exchange 2016

In Ms Exchange 2016 version, the Data Loss Prevention feature plays a herculean role in protecting your data during contingencies. One of the most important things we need to focus on while using MS Exchange is that - sufficient attempts are being made to prevent data loss of any kind. MS Exchange is one of those applications in which part of sensitive and confidential data are stored. Communications done through emails, important details and a lot more is contained in Exchange mailbox...

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How to Convert a Meeting into an Appointment with Outlook VBA

Many users are longing for a method to convert an Outlook meeting into a common appointment. This article will introduce a quick method to accomplish it quickly via Outlook VBA. Actually an Outlook meeting is also an appointment item. The primary difference between them is that meeting contains attendees but appointment doesn’t. Thus it is pretty easy to convert a common appointment into a meeting. Just open the appointment and click on “Invite Attendees” button under “Appointment”...

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