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2 Effective Tips to Check Whether Your Mac’s Hard Drive is Failing

Although Mac computer is well-known for its dependability, it doesn’t mean that it can get away from hard drive failures at all. Hard drive failures can occur for various reasons and lead to data loss easily. Thus, to avoid the tragedy, we should learn to detect dying hard drives firstly. Here are 2 tips for you. A healthy hard drive means a lot to computer users. It stores numerous precious data which play an important role in our personal lives and working lives. However, hard drives...

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How to Group Your Received Emails by their Durations since Received in Outlook

By default, Outlook doesn’t support to group the received emails by their durations in month since received, such as 1 month, 2 months and 3 months, etc. This article will introduce how to add the related field and then re-group the received emails via Outlook VBA. As you can see, Outlook will automatically group and sort the received emails by the received date, including “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Two Weeks Ago”, “Last Month” and “Older” and so on. Thus, some users may...

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How to Disable the Warning Message or Sound When Permanently Deleting Outlook Items

When you try to permanently deleted Outlook items by “Shift + Delete” key buttons, you will receive a warning message and hear a sound. If you want to entirely disable the message or just disable the harsh sound, you can use the methods in this article. Sometimes, you may hope to permanently delete some items without passing the “Deleted Items” mail folder. You can select the source items and directly press “Shift + Delete” key buttons. However, at this moment, normally, you will...

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