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How to Stay away from Unsolicited Emails with Anti-spam Agents in Exchange

Learn How Anti-spam agents present in Ms Exchange server can protect you from the deluge of unsolicited emails. No matter how secure your mail client or mail server is, you will still end up receiving some amount of spam in your account. MS Exchange comes loaded with in-built anti spam agents to protect users from unsolicited emails. However, these agents are not activated by default. To activate all the available anti spam agents in Exchange, you will first have to install the Edge...

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How to Quickly Get the Total Number of Attachments in Selected Outlook Emails

Have you ever been required to count the number of email attachments in selected emails? It will be tedious if you manually count them. Here we will help you make the counting much easier and quicker with Outlook VBA. For some reasons, you may need to count the number of attachments in Outlook emails. If you simply want to get the number of attachments in one email, it’ll be considerably easy. But if you desire to count the attachments in several emails, it will be very troublesome to...

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How to Auto Include Yourself as a Recipient When Replying All in Outlook

Do you frequently desire to reply all including yourself as a recipient? It’ll be messy if you always manually add your own email address. This article will teach you how to make it automatic. Perhaps you have several email accounts configured in your Outlook. Therefore, maybe for the sake of convenience for future check, when you reply a mail to all the recipients, you may wish to include your another email address as a recipient, too. Assuming that you frequently have this requirement,...

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