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How to Auto Attach Specific Files When Sending Specific Emails in Outlook

Do you often need to attach specific files when sending specific emails in Outlook? If so, you may feel it tedious to add them manually every times. This article will teach you a quick method to achieve it with Outlook VBA. In my daily works, I am frequently required to attach specific files when sending specific emails. For instance, every week, I have to send an email to my superiors so as to report my weekly work. In this email, I will need to attach some specific files, including work...

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How to Auto Move Specific Emails to Specific Folders after Reading Them in Outlook

Many users desire to move specific emails from Inbox to other specific folders after reading them, which will keep the Inbox mail folder clean. But always moving manually will be cumbersome. This article will expose a quick method to realize it automatically. As usual, every incoming email will land into the Inbox mail folder in Outlook. So, in this case, Inbox folder will be cluttered up and be stuffed over time. More often than not, you can either manually move specific emails to other...

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7 Effective Tips to Free up More Spaces on Your Hard Drive

Hard drive is the location where you’re storing your computer data. Many PC users are complaining that their hard drives always seem to be stuffed. Thus this article will introduce 6 effective tips related to the hard drive in Windows computer. As we all know, our computer data are stored on the computer hard drive. Hence, once the hard drive is chock-full, of course we will fail to write more data to it. In addition, with less and less space left, the hard drive will degrade gradually....

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