Email Recovery

3 Vital Tips for DIY Data Recovery via Software

People always panic when coming across data disasters. Thus they might readily trust in some unprofessional software to attempt data recovery and eventually receive bad results. To prevent those tragedies, we will provide 3 important tricks to help you perform a successful DIY data recovery by utilizing software. Various data disasters occur every day around the world among individuals and businesses. And in common situations, a majority of people would like to choose a third party tool to...

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How to Auto Save Specific Sent Emails to a Specific Folder with Outlook VBA

By default, Outlook will save the sent emails in the “Sent Items” folder. If you don’t want to save the specific sent mails in the default folder, you can employ the method introduced in this article. Some users want to automatically save some sent emails to the specified folder instead of saving them in the default “Sent Items” folder. Thus many resort to the Outlook rule, which offers a similar action – “move a copy to the specified folder”, shown as the following...

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5 Key Points to Keep in Mind when Auditing Mailbox Access

In this article we look at important pointers that one should keep track of while a mailbox audit process is initiated. An organization contains multiple mailboxes; these mailboxes belong to people of different departments, and might also have differences in their privacy settings, depending on the type of user they belong to. A few mailboxes are such, which are only being maintained for the purpose of Discovery, to show compliance towards legal requirements. There might be instances where...

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