Email Recovery

2 Quick Tips to Redirect an Email in Your Outlook

Unlike forward, email redirection will not include the original message headers and not add the "FW" prefix alike in the email subject, such that the recipients cannot know the original email’s actual sources. This article will show you 2 quick methods to redirect an email. When you forward an email, you will find that the forwarding email will automatically include the original message header, namely its actual sources. And "FW" prefix will be auto added to the subject, like the...

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How to Preserve Mailboxes for In-place eDiscovery in Exchange Server

In this article we look at the process of preserving Exchange mailboxes for performing In-Place e-Discovery. When an employee ceases to be a part of the organization, their mailboxes are either disabled or deleted. And once a mailbox has been disabled, it gets disconnected from the account of the user, and remains in the mailbox for default period of 30 days. After the mailbox has been disconnected, the Managed Folder Assistant does not process information from it, and none of the retention...

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5 Essential Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Solid State Drive

As solid state drive (SSD) has many advantages over the traditional hard disk drive, more and more people prefer to buy a solid state drive, no matter for data storage or data backup. This article will expose 5 vital factors which you must consider. Nowadays data is all around, so increasing data storage media spring up. In the past, the traditional hard drive is more preferred due to its low price and large storage capacity. However, in the current era, with the advent of solid state drive...

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