Email Recovery

How to Auto Set an Expiry Time for Incoming or Outgoing Emails with Outlook VBA

If you would like to let Outlook auto delete specific mails, you can set an expiry time for the emails and use AutoArchive to delete the expired emails when the time is up. This article will teach you how to auto set an expiry time for all incoming emails via Outlook VBA. In general, AutoArchive can work on either a whole folder or an entire mailbox. If you want to enable it to delete specific items only, you will need to firstly specify the expiry time for the emails. Thereby, the next time...

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How to Quickly Get the List of Attachment Information from an Email with Outlook VBA

Have you ever wanted to extract the list of attachment information from an open or selected email? You must feel it time-consuming to get it manually. This article will introduce you a quick method to achieve it with Outlook VBA. For some reasons, you may be required to get the list of attachment information from an email, including the attachment name, index and size, etc. Perhaps it’ because that you need to make a report or reply the email with the list of attachments. Regardless of...

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How to Recover Your Data from a Reformatted Hard Drive

If you encounter some errors when trying to access your data, your computer may suggest you to reformat the drive. The reformat process will cause data loss. This article will tell you how to recover the data from a reformatted hard drive. Have you ever experienced such a case that you reformat a hard drive and lastly realize that your data has gone after reformatting. Then you will feel quite frustrated and regretful. In order to prevent this kind of sinking feeling due to data loss, you...

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