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How to Batch Export Multiple Contacts’ Photos and Information with Outlook VBA

If you wish to extract the contacts’ photos and their primary information to a folder on your local disk in batches, you need to use Outlook VBA. This article will teach you how to achieve it in detail. Outlook permits you to export the contact information via “Import and Export” feature. You can go to “File” > “Print” > “Import” > “Export to a file”. However, this feature doesn’t allow you to export the contact photos. Thus, if you would like to extract...

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5 Quick Tips to Search for Email Attachments with Specific File Types in Outlook

At times, you may hope to search for email attachments based on the file types in Outlook. This article will introduce you 5 useful and simple tricks. Have you ever needed to search for email attachments by the file types? For instance, you want to find out a specific attachment but you aren’t clear about its name, content and so on. What you can confirm is its file type, a word document or an excel file or a zip file. In this situation, you will be required to search for the attachment by...

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6 Useful Tricks to Protect Your USB Flash Drive from Damage

Are you storing many important files in a removable USB flash drive? This portable device can get damaged readily due to careless handling. This article will introduce 6 effective tricks to protect your USB flash drive from corruption. Unlike standard hard drive, USB flash drive provides us with much convenience due to its portability. Thus, many users prefer to store their frequently-used files in a USB flash drive. Nevertheless, this kind of drives is vulnerable since you may overuse and...

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