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How to Auto Add the Sender of an Email to Your Contacts When Replying It in Outlook

More often than not, you would like to add the sender of an email which you reply to your Outlook contacts. This article will tell you how to automate it with Outlook VBA. Actually, in the earlier version of MS Outlook, there is a native feature which can auto add the email addresses of outgoing emails to your Outlook address book. But this function is abandoned in the latest versions. Hence, as usual, you have to add the email addresses to your Outlook address book by yourself, which may be...

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4 Common Ways to Back up Your iPhone or iPad Data

Your iPhone or iPad must contain a great deal of your valuable data. The best way to protect it is to make data backup. In this article, we will introduce 4 ways to get it. Making regular and consistent data backups for you iPhone or iPad will save you from headaches if you encounter iPhone or iPad failures in the future. It is equal to backing up your computer data. For instance, as long as you back up your PST files, if Outlook corrupts, you still can recover PST data from backups with...

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How to Auto Insert Current Date or Time into Email Subject or Body with Outlook VBA

Many users are used to inserting the current date or time into the email subject or body when composing a new email. This article will teach you how to achieve it in quick time. In the previous post – “How to Auto Add Current Date to the Subjects of Your Outlook Emails”, you can learn how to auto add the current date or time to the subject. But the method in that post is simply to create a custom form of message. Thus, by that means, every time you want to create a new email with the...

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