Email Recovery

How to Auto Send a Recurring Email Periodically with Outlook VBA

Do you want to send a recurring email at fixed interval, such as every Tuesday? This article will look at this issue and teach you how to achieve it by using a recurring task and Outlook VBA. Perhaps you have known how to schedule sending a recurring email in that Outlook has a native support for deferring delivery. But this feature can simply allow you to specify a time for sending an email. It cannot permit you to let Outlook auto send the recurring email periodically, for instance, the...

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7 Most Common Causes of SD Card Corruption

A SD card is a kind of memory cards which is usually used in a camera or smartphone. Like other data storage media, it can get corrupt as well. This article will reveal the 7 most common reasons for its corruption. SD card is a tiny type of flash memory cards, which permits us to access data at high speed. Thus, it is much more suitable for those removable electronic devices, such as digital cameras and smartphones, etc. It indeed does a good job in storing numerous pictures and videos and...

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How to Quickly Get the Total Count of the Emails from a Specific Sender in Outlook

Sometimes, you may want to count the total number of the emails from a specific sender in Outlook. This article will introduce you a handy way to quickly get the total count with Outlook VBA. For some reasons, such as data statistics, you may be required to count the total number of the emails from a specific sender. Without any doubts, if you have numerous mails, manually counting them one by one will be rather troublesome and prone to error. In this case, why not recur to VBA? Here are...

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