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5 Useful Tips to Repair a Malfunctioning USB Flash Drive

For most people, USB flash drives are usually used for storing frequently-used files. Thus, if your USB flash drive suddenly malfunctions, what can you do to fix it? This article will expose you 5 effective tips. Compared with a traditional hard disk drive, USB flash drive is a tiny kind of data storage media. Hence, it’s much handier and easier to carry. More often than not, people are accustomed to storing the frequently-used files or other data in a USB flash drive. In such a case, as...

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How to Quickly Export the Selected Contacts’ Information to a Word Document with Outlook VBA

Sometimes, you may need to export several selected contacts’ information to a Word document. This article will teach you how to easily and quickly get it via Outlook VBA. Outlook provides you with a direct feature to export Outlook items to CSV, Excel or Access file, shown as the following screenshot. But there is no “Export to Word” feature available. Perhaps you will think of using “Save As” feature. But when you select several contacts and then go to “File” > “Save...

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2 Methods to Export All Members of an Outlook Contact Group to Excel

At times, you may want to export the members in a certain Outlook contact group. So this article will share you 2 means to extract the group members to Excel. Outlook offers a native feature which permits you to export all the contacts of a certain contact folder. However, it doesn’t allow you to export contact groups, not to mention extracting the members in the contact groups. Therefore, if you would like to extract the members of a selected contact group, you need to make some more...

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