Email Recovery

9 Useful Tips to Identify Common Phishing Emails

Phishing attacks become more and more cunning. And they always pretend to be innocent in order to cheat people. As they are likely to disguise themselves in all kinds of emails, today we will discuss 9 problematic emails that you have to know. No matter business or normal social lives, people are likely to contact each other by sending/receiving emails. And a number of people don't have a good awareness of preventing phishing attacks. Therefore, many criminals choose to disguise themselves...

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4 Common Myths about RAID You Must Know

Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is a popular data storage technology. It is widely used by companies and even individuals. Today we will discuss 4 common misconceptions about RAID to help you use it with a correct understanding. Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is frequently used by businesses and normal computer users. Compared to basic storage methods, it provides more flexible forms of storage and backup. And at the same time, diverse RAIDs can improve different...

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How to Auto Use Different Accounts Based on Whether Replying or Forwarding Specific Emails in Outlook

If you have several email accounts configured in your Outlook, sometimes you may want to use specific email accounts to reply or forward specific emails. This article will teach you how to automate it with Outlook VBA. The previous article in our blog - “How to Send Emails from a Specific Account in Your Outlook”, has introduced a method to always use a specific email account for sending emails. But by that means, Outlook will send out all the emails using the specific account. That is...

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