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4 Common Errors Indicating Hard Drive Failures on Mac Systems

As we all know, computer data is stored in hard drive, regardless of Windows-based PC or Mac. Thus, if hard drive fails, internal data will suffer as well. This article will expose the 4 common errors indicating the hard drive failures on Mac systems. Although Mac earns a lot of kudos due to its remarkable stability, errors still can occur to it from time to time. You should never bypass any errors in that some of them may be involved with the Mac hard drive. As you know, all your Mac data...

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How to Auto Insert Different Signatures based on Whether You Reply or Forward an Email in Outlook

Outlook only allow you to specify a single signature for both Replies and Forwards. If you wish to use different signatures based on whether you reply or forward, you can use the way introduced in this article. In Outlook signature editor, you can find that you’re permitted to assign a specific signature to both Replies and Forwards. In other words, you cannot use Outlook native feature to specify different signatures for replies and forwards. Therefore, if you want to let Outlook...

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5 Important Tips to Secure the IoT Data Transfer

With the rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT), many businesses which use this technology begin to attach great importance to the safety of IoT data transfer. If you want to protect your data in transit, you can refer to following 5 tricks. Focused on particular companies’ needs, Internet of Things (IoT) technology combines many devices which have embedded systems and can access the network to collect and exchange data. Obviously, data transfer in this kind of case is pretty...

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