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8 Main Reasons for Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

Bad sector on the hard drive can make this part unavailable for data storage. Today we will discuss the reasons behind the bad sectors. Thus you can take precautions to prevent it. Hard drives with bad sectors are basic hard drive failures which have a great impact on the data storage. To prevent bad sectors, you need to know what can cause this problem. Otherwise, you may be helpless when coming across corrupted pst. Thus, here are top 8 factors we summarized and hope it can help...

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8 Most Common Reasons for Hard Drive Partition Loss

If any hard drive partition gets lost, the data on it will definitely become lost as well. In order to effectively prevent drive partition loss, you should figure out the reasons behind it. This article will expose the 8 top causes of this issue. Perhaps your hard drive is divided into several partitions. Actually partitioning a drive has many benefits. For instance, it can greatly improve the performance of a disk. Also, it can help us to better store and manage our files in order according...

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How to Quickly Close All Open Items Except the Current One in Outlook

When you find that several items are opened in your Outlook, you may wish to close the items but the current item. Without any doubts, closing them one by one is quite troublesome. So this article will teach you how to use VBA to close them in one go. You must have ever kept several items open in your Outlook at the same time. In this case, not only will you find that your Outlook performs slowly, but also it will clutter up your works. Therefore, it is suggested that you’d better close...

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