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How to Prevent Assigning a Specific Category to Unsuitable Emails in Outlook

Some users complain that they always assign color categories to unsuitable mails in Outlook. Focused on this issue, this article will introduce a solution which uses VBA. If you prefer to assign color categories manually in Outlook, it is nearly inevitable that you may color categorize items incorrectly by accident at times. Also, maybe you don’t realize this mistake until a long time later. For instance, you’ve created a specific color category named “Test”, which is specifically...

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How to Batch Import Birthdays from Excel to the Corresponding Outlook Contacts

If you have an excel file which contains the information of many contacts, including their birthdays, and you want to import the birthdays to corresponding contacts in your Outlook, you can use the method introduced in this article. Perhaps you have an Excel worksheet which is recording the information of many of your colleagues, including their respective birthdays. Therefore, now, you wish to quickly add these birthdays to the corresponding Outlook contacts. If there are no according...

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5 Useful Tips to Prevent Common RAID Failures

Many tend to choose redundant array of independent disks (RAID) as their data storage method. But the daily maintenance of RAID is not that easy. Don’t worry. Here are 5 useful tricks for you to prevent common RAID failures. Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is a popular data storage technology which is chosen by plenty of people and enterprises. After setting up RAID, another important work is daily maintenance. This is a vital job that has a great impact on the security of data...

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