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2 Quick Methods to Send an Excel Worksheet as an Outlook Email

If you would like to send an Excel worksheet as an email, instead of adding it to an email as attachment, you can use the two methods introduced in this article.  At times, unlike attaching an Excel file to an email as attachment, you may desire to directly insert an Excel worksheet in the email body, in other words, send it as an email. In response to this requirement, you can apply either of the following 2 means depending on whether you want to send in MS Excel or MS Outlook. Now read...

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4 Most Common Physical Damages on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

For the traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), physical damage can be fatal, which can cause serious data loss. In order to avoid the physical damages on HDDs, you have to figure out them in depth. This article will give you a quick guide. When it comes to the reasons of hard drive failures, physical damage will occur to our minds in the first place. As long as a hard drive suffers physical damages, the data stored in it will be likely put into danger as well, such as file corruptions like PST...

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2 Methods to Remove the Original Background Color of an Email When Replying It

When replying an email which has background color, if you would like to remove it, you can use the following 2 means introduced in this article. Some users like to use their preferred background color in their emails. Thus it is believed that you may have ever received such emails which contain customized background color. If you dislike the color, you must wish to remove it when reply the email. As usual, to remove the color, you can manually change the “Page Color” to “No Color”....

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