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How to Auto Classify and Archive Incoming Emails by Sender’s Name in Your Outlook

Some users would like to classify and manage incoming emails by sender. This post will teach you how to let Outlook auto create the separate folders named as the senders’ names for storing the emails from specific senders. In my previous article “How to Auto Classify and Archive Your Emails by Month with Outlook VBA”, I have introduced a means to auto classify and archive emails on basis of the specific month of the emails’ received time. Similar to this, many would like to auto...

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How to Batch Delete All Empty Subfolders in Your Outlook

If you want to batch delete all empty subfolders in your Outlook, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. It’ll teach you how to use Outlook VBA to delete the subfolders in batches. So as to better classify and manage your Outlook emails, you must have created a lot of custom subfolders under the default folders, no matter Inbox, Sent Items or Drafts folder, etc. However, sometimes, you may find that some subfolders are not frequently used. Hence, most of time, they are...

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Why You Should Never Defrag Solid State Drive (SSD)?

As we all know, defragging a hard disk drive can greatly improve its performance. But, is it advisable to defrag a solid state drive (SSD)? This article will focus on this issue and tell you why you shouldn’t defrag a solid state drive. When it comes to disk defragmentation, many users will give a lot of kudos to it in that it is indeed able to greatly speed up the traditional hard drive. It’s because that the hard disk drive is a disk made up of magnetic material with a drive head,...

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