Email Recovery

How to Get Warned When Your Outlook PST File Exceeds a Predefined Size Limit

In order to protect your Outlook data against corruption, you should keep paying attention to the size of your Outlook PST file. This article will teach you how to let Outlook warn you when your PST file exceeds a predefined size limit. With your Outlook PST file larger and larger, the file will be becoming more prone to corruption as well. Hence, you have to always keep your Outlook PST file in small size. As for how to check the size of your PST file, in general, you can use two...

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8 Effective Steps to Solve the Problem when CHKDSK Gets Stuck

As we all know, Windows offers users an inbuilt disk check utility – CHKDSK. But, if Windows CHKDSK is stuck at some stage, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article to troubleshoot this issue. CHKDSK, a disk check utility in Windows, is a system tool which can verify file system integrity, detect and correct errors on the disk. These errors can result from various factors, like shutting down PC improperly, virus/malware attacks, power failures, etc. At best, these errors can be...

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How to Auto Set Follow up Flag for a Contact and Pop up a Reminder When His Birthday Is Today

If you hope that Outlook can automatically flag a contact for follow up and remind you if his birthday is today, you can use the VBA codes introduced in this article to achieve it. As we know, when you fill in the contact birthday field, Outlook will auto create the birthday appointments in the calendar. However, actually, many dislike such appointments since they will clutter up the schedules. Therefore, as Outlook also allows users to flag contacts for follow up, like flagging emails, so...

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