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4 Reasons and Solutions for “The Device Is Not Ready” Error in Computer

When you want to access data in your newly connected hard drive, you might receive error message which says “The Device Is Not Ready… ”. Don’t worry, today we will discuss about the error and offer corresponding solutions to you. “The Device Is Not Ready” error is a kind of common error which often occurs when people want to access data in external data storage device. You might be curious about the reasons and the relevant solutions. Now let’s start to dig it...

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7 Effective Steps to Fix “Windows detected a hard disk problem” Error

“Windows detected a hard disk problem” error can occur for various reasons and cause catastrophic data loss at any time. This article will look at this issue to teach you how to resolve it. Many Windows users have complained a lot about the “Windows detected a hard disk problem" error. It can result from many factors, like disk errors, virus attacks, file system corruptions and operating system problems. In addition, generally, it can directly lead to disk failure, system crash and...

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How to Auto Record the Total Count of Incoming Emails Every Day in an Excel File

This article will teach you how to let Outlook automatically count how many emails you received every day and write the number into an Excel file. Many users are required to count the total number of emails received each day. In addition, for more convenient check in future, many are accustomed to recording the total count into an Excel file. In this case, of course you can opt to count and record manually every day. However, it is a bit troublesome. And you may forget doing it sometimes....

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