Email Recovery

How to Batch Open Multiple Outlook PST Files at Once in Your Outlook

By default, Outlook doesn’t support you to open several Outlook PST files in bulk. In this article, we will teach you how to use VBA to batch open multiple Outlook data files at once in your Outlook. When you want to open additional Outlook PST files in your Outlook, generally, you have two means. One is to go to “Account Settings” dialog box and then shift to “Data Files” tab and next click “Add” button to select the Outlook file to open it. The other one is to head to...

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7 Effective Tips to Verify Your Data Backups

Many users have complained that they fail to restore data from data backups. Most of time, it is because that they haven’t verify the data backups before. This post will teach you 7 essential tips to test your data backups effectively. As you know, it is extremely important to make regular backups of your data. It is because data backups will play a great role in data recovery. For example, when your Outlook PST gets damaged, if you’ve backed up the PST file recently, it will be quite...

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How to Auto Move Large Sent Emails from Your Outlook to Local Drive

So as to keep mailbox in small size, you can save the large Outlook emails to local drive and delete them from Outlook. This article will take large sent emails as an example and guide you to use VBA to achieve it. As we all know, if a PST file is too large, it will become more vulnerable. That is to say, the PST file will be prone to error and corruption. Thus, in order to avoid PST data corruption or loss, you need keep your PST file in small size. One of the most effective ways is to...

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