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8 Top Reasons & Solutions for Kernel Panic on Mac System

It can be quite scary to suffer Kernel Panic on your Mac since the entire screen will turn grey and show the “You need to start your computer” error message in several languages. Don’t worry. This post will expose the 8 top reasons and solutions for it. One of the most terrible errors on Mac system is the Kernel Panic that is similar to the Blue Screen of Death on Windows. Confronted with this issue, you will see that the whole screen turns grey and it prompts you to restart your Mac...

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How to Get a Confirmation before Sending Emails with Your Private Information in Outlook

It can be quite dangerous and insecure if you send any emails which contain your private information. Therefore, this post will introduce you a method which can let Outlook prompt you before you sending such emails. Nowadays, potential security threats are all around. Thus, we should make a lot of efforts to safeguard our own private information, such as credit cards, various account passwords and other sensitive info, etc. Hence, you should pay attention to your daily online behaviors,...

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11 Easy Steps to Fix “Your startup disk is almost full” Error on Mac System

If you receive the “Your startup disk is almost full” error message on your Mac, you should take actions as soon as possible, preventing this issue from worsening. This article will teach you how to resolve it. When you encounter the “Your startup disk is almost full” error message on your Mac, as usual, you will simply delete some large files to fix this issue temporarily. However, by this way, actually your Mac is still working with low storage space. It will not only influence the...

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