Email Recovery

How to Get Warned before Moving or Deleting Items in Your Outlook

It is inevitable that at times you may move or delete any items mistakenly. Hence, in this article, we will expose you a way to let Outlook automatically warn you before you move or delete any items. As we all know, we can simply drag and drop items to move them. Although it is quite convenient in most cases, it still can bring out some troubles. For instance, we can drag and drop an item to the wrong folders by accident. If you have many folders and items in your mailbox, it will be very...

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What to Do If Disk Utility Fails on Mac System?

Mac comes preinstalled with an inbuilt tool – Disk Utility, which can fix various disk issues. However, it doesn’t mean it is almighty. It can fail too. This article will teach you what to do if it fails. As we all know, all our computer data is stored on the computer disk. Therefore, if the disk malfunctions, our data will be in danger, such as PST corruption, Word document damage, etc. Fortunately, Mac provides users an inbuilt disk repair tool, Disk Utility, similar to CHKDSK on...

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How to Convert Unicode PST to ANSI PST File via Outlook VBA

You cannot access a Unicode PST file in Outlook 2002 and earlier versions in that the old versions of Outlook only support ANSI PST file. So in this article, we’ll teach you how to use VBA to convert Unicode PST file to ANSI PST. As we all know, since Outlook 2003, Unicode, a new PST format is released with a lot of advantages than the older one, ANSI format. For instance, Unicode PST file has a much larger file size limit of 20 GB than 2 GB of the ANSI format. Therefore, many users prefer...

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