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How to Batch Insert Hyperlinks for All Occurrences of a Specific Word in Your Outlook Email

If you want to insert hyperlinks for all occurrences of a specific word in the current Outlook email body, you can utilize the method exposed in this article. It is using VBA to quickly achieve it. In my previous article – “Why Not Use AutoCorrect to Insert Specific Hyperlinks”, you can utilize AutoCorrect to insert hyperlinks. By that means, Outlook will auto add hyperlink to the specific words when you type. However, it demands that you have already set the words and hyperlinks in...

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2 Methods to Batch Export Multiple Outlook Contacts as vCard Files

If you want to export multiple Outlook contacts as vCard files in bulk, you can utilize the two means introduced in this article. There is no doubt that it is very easy to export an Outlook contact as vCard file. You can simply select a contact and then turn to “File” menu and hit “Save As”. In the popup “Save As” dialog box, “vCard File” type option is available by default. But, if you select multiple contacts and use “Save As”, there is only “Text File” option. So,...

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How to Replace the Color Category of an Outlook Item with VBA

If you want to replace the color category of an Outlook item, you’ll need to remove the original one as a new category is assigned. Thus, in this article, we will teach you how to automate this via VBA. The primary reason why we make use of color categories in Outlook is to better classify and manage your Outlook items. Plus, Outlook permits us to assign one or more color categories to one item. However, too many categories assigned to a single item may sometimes clutter up your...

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