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6 Reasons & Solutions for “Error Loading Operating System”

When you start your computer, you might receive this specific error saying “Error Loading Operating System”. Don’t worry. We will discuss this problem and offer 6 relevant solutions. This error often occurs when people try to boot their computer. And it is relevant with  many factors. If you come across this error at startup, don’t worry, we will analyze the reasons in this article and provide corresponding solutions for you to track this problem easily. 1 Hard disk...

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5 Most Common Symptoms of Disk Partition Table Corruption

Partition table is responsible for storing information of partitions on the disk by the operating system. Therefore, if it gets corrupted, various terrible matters will occur. This article will expose the 5 most common symptoms of partition table damage. So-called partition table is just a table stored on the beginning of disk to save the related information of partitions on this disk, such as size, number and type. All of the information is supporting the hard disk’s proper working. Also,...

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How to Get Warned When New Task Has the Same Subject as an Existing One in Outlook

In order to prevent cluttering up your task list, many users tend to utilize different subject for different tasks. In this article, we will expose a piece of VBA code which can let Outlook warn you when new task has same subject as an existing ones. If you have many tasks which have the same subjects, not only will you find it a bit difficult to distinguish them in the Outlook task list, but also there may be some duplicate ones among them. Therefore, it is suggested not to use the same...

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