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2 Methods to Batch Mark All Overdue Tasks Complete in Your Outlook

Sometimes, you may forget marking tasks complete, such that there may be many overdue tasks in your Outlook Tasks folder. In this case, you can use either way introduced in this article to batch mark all overdue tasks complete in one go. As you can see, once a task becomes overdue, it will be shown in red color, which is quite striking. However, most of time, why there are so many overdue tasks in your Outlook is that you forget marking them complete. Therefore, often, you may wish to batch...

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7 Reasons & Solutions When Hard Drive Becomes Overheating

If you find that your hard disk in the computer becomes overheating abnormally, you can refer to this article. We will discuss the reasons and provide relevant solutions. Hard drive becomes overheating for many reasons. And keeping in this overheating status can cause big problem both to hard drives and computers like Outlook corruption. Thus, we should figure out the reason and settle down the issue as soon as possible. Don’t worry. Here are top 7 reasons and corresponding solutions for...

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Data Backup vs Sync: Which Is Better for Protecting Your Data?

So as to protect your data against corruption or loss, you should ensure an effective data copy in hand. In terms of copying data, many are not clear about data backup and sync. This article will compare them and offer you some suggestion in selecting. Nowadays, data is all around. In the meantime, data loss is occurring all the time as well. Therefore, for the sakes of averting data loss, you should backing up your data in that it’ll contribute a lot in future data recovery. For...

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