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8 Do’s and Don’ts when Hard Drive Makes Clicking Sounds

As long as you hear any strange clicking sounds from your hard drive, you should be concerned about your drive data. Any improper operation can destroy the data. So this article will tell you what to do and what not to do in this case. As we all know, once a hard drive fails, all the data stored in this drive will tend to get damaged, such as corrupt Outlook PST, etc. One of the most common signals for hard drive failure is that drive is making strange clicking sounds. Hence, when you hear...

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7 Reasons & Solutions for Computer Frequent & Random Rebooting Problem

If your computer often restarts randomly somehow, you can refer to this article to figure out the causes and solve the problem easily. Computer random rebooting could cause many problems. For example, if you are sending emails in the Outlook, but the computer suddenly restarts itself, then you will probably get a damaged Outlook. Data disasters are more likely to occur during random computer rebooting. Thus you should fix this error as soon as possible. Now let’s get started. 1...

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How to Quickly Jump to the Beginning or End of Message Body in Your Outlook

When you want to quickly insert texts into the end of a pretty long email message, it will take you some time to scroll down to the end. This article will expose a method that can enable you to quickly jump to the end or beginning of email body via VBA. Sometimes, when viewing a long email message, you may wish to be able to jump to or move the cursor to the end or start of the message body quickly at will. For example, you want to check the sender’s signature, thus, you have to jump to...

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