Email Recovery

5 Most Common Symptoms of Image File Corruption

Any file can get corrupt for various factors, no matter data storage device damage or software issues. But image file corruption is the fairly common. This article will look at this issue and expose its 5 top symptoms. File can get damaged for a variety of issues. For instance, when your computer is writing data, a system crash or any programs hangs, the hard drive will be likely to suffer read/write issues. In this case, files may become compromised, like PST corruption due to Outlook...

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How to Auto Print the Task List of the Whole Week Every Monday in Your Outlook

Perhaps you always need to print out the task list of the whole week every Monday. This article will expose you a piece of VBA code, which can let Outlook to auto do it. If you prefer to view your tasks on paper instead of in the computer screen, you may need to always print out the tasks. For instance, you may be accustomed to printing out the task list of the whole week every Monday. In this scenario, you can make use of the method in the followings, which will enable Outlook to auto...

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3 Methods to Quickly Add vCard Attachments to Your Contacts Folder in Outlook

When you receive an email which is attached with several vCard files, if you want to quickly save them as new contacts to your default Contacts folder, you can use the 3 methods introduced in this article. Sometimes, you may receive an email which contains many vCard attachments. In general, you will surely tend to add them as new contacts to your Contacts folder. You can add them one by one. However, it will be much better and more efficient if you can save them in bulk. In the followings,...

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