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3 Methods to Quickly Add vCard Attachments to Your Contacts Folder in Outlook

When you receive an email which is attached with several vCard files, if you want to quickly save them as new contacts to your default Contacts folder, you can use the 3 methods introduced in this article. Sometimes, you may receive an email which contains many vCard attachments. In general, you will surely tend to add them as new contacts to your Contacts folder. You can add them one by one. However, it will be much better and more efficient if you can save them in bulk. In the followings,...

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6 Solutions for “The format did not complete successfully” Error

Today we will talk about an error which occurs when you want to format hard drives. The error mentions “The format did not complete successfully”. Don’t worry. We will analyze it and offer 6 solutions. The error which mentions that “The format did not complete successfully” could occur in many situations. And it usually happens when people want to format storage devices including internal hard drives and external hard drives. To resolve this issue, you can have a look at this...

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6 Reasons & Solutions to Data Loss on BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive

This article will focus on the data loss occurring on the hard drive that is encrypted by the Windows built-in encryption tool – BitLocker. It’ll expose the 6 most common reasons and provide according solutions. In order to protect private, sensitive or confidential data stored on the computer hard drive, users tend to encrypt the data or the entire hard drive. If your PC is working on Windows system, this can be pretty simple as Windows has offered a built-in encryption tool –...

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