Email Recovery

Full vs Incremental vs Differential Backup: Which One Is Best for You?

There are 3 types of data backup methods – full, incremental and differential data backup. Some users are confused about which is best for them. Thus, this article will guide you to choose a right one for yourself. Nowadays, various data is created whenever and wherever. And meanwhile data loss is occurring as well. Thus, in order to avoid miserable data loss, data backups become increasingly important. For example, when your PST file proves corrupt, if you have already made a current...

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How to Quickly Attach the Last Modified File in a Windows Folder to Your Outlook Email

At times, you may want to quickly find and attach the last modified file in a specific Windows folder to an Outlook email. In this case, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. Some users wish to let Outlook swiftly find out and append the last modified file in a Windows folder to an email, such as the most recently created, changed or saved file. However, Outlook doesn’t offer such a direct and native feature. Therefore, in the followings, we will expose a piece of VBA...

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How to Display Message Excerpt in Email List via Outlook VBA

At times, you may want to view the beginning of an email without opening it simply in email list. This article will teach you how to quickly the first 50 characters of the message body and display the excerpt in a new column. Outlook provides users with “Preview” feature, but it does not display message excerpt in a column. If you prefer to view message excerpt in a separate column, similar to the “Subject” columns alike, you can use the method introduced in this article. It will...

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