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How to Quickly Find All the Contact Groups Containing a Specific Contact with Outlook VBA

At times, you may want to find all the contact groups containing a specific contact. This article will teach you how to quickly get it without needs to check groups one by one. When you desire to find out the contact groups which contain a specific contact, in general, you have to check all the existing groups one by one in your Outlook. There is no doubt that it will be a very tedious task. In order to simplify this, here we will expose a piece of VBA code to you, which enable you to...

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5 Potential Data Loss Risks Facing Businesses Today

Nowadays, data loss is occurring to both individuals and businesses almost every day. Although most businesses have taken many measures, they may still ignore some potential data loss risks. This article will expose 5 of them. For individuals, data loss may be just file corruption, like PST corruption. But for businesses, data loss may be serious database corruption and even data breach. So, no business can withstand data loss without suffering any negative influences. Most businesses have...

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How to Quickly Run a Specific Rule in All Mail Folders with Outlook VBA

By default, you can only run a rule in one folder at a time. In this article, we’ll teach you how to utilize a piece of VBA code to run a specific rule in all mail folders. Outlook permits users to run rule manually. You can just access “Rules and Alerts” dialog box and hit “Run Rules Now” button. In the subsequent dialog box, select a specific rule and choose a folder in which you desire to run this rule. But, if you would like to quickly run a rule in all mail folders, you can...

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