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How to Auto Set Outlook Online or Offline Based on Your Working Hours

Some users would like to make Outlook to auto switch between online and offline status based on their working hours. So, in this article, we’ll share a quick method with you. Actually, setting Outlook online or offline is very easy. To turn Outlook into offline status, you can just switch to “Send/Receive” tab and press the “Work Offline” button. And to back to online status, simply hit this button again. However, some users hope that Outlook can automatically switch to offline...

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7 Smart Solutions to “Windows fail to start” Error

Today, we will discuss about a typical error saying “Windows fail to start”. This error is relevant with many factors, so you can refer to this article for 7 smart solutions. Many people might meet up with startup problems when trying to boot their computers. And today, we will talk about a specific error that occurs during the computer booting process. The error mentions that “Windows fail to start”. Don’t worry, we will dig deep into it and provide effective solutions for...

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6 Solutions When Internal Hard Drive Fails on Mac System

Internal hard drive fails on Mac system can be a great nightmare as it will directly result in unbootable Mac system and inaccessible Mac data. But don’t panic. This article will share 6 effective solutions with you. Hard drive is actually vulnerable to various factors, no matter the physical shocks or software issues or others. Once the hard drive fails, all of its data will become inaccessible. Thereby, it’s highly suggested to back up the drive data on a regular basis. Apple has taken...

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