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How to Batch Import Files from a Windows Folder to an Outlook Folder

For convenience, you may wish to store some frequently-used files, such as Word documents, Excel workbooks or JPEG images, in an Outlook folder. This article will share a piece of VBA code, which can help you batch import such files into Outlook. My previous article- “4 Effective Tips for Storing Files in Your Outlook Mailbox” has exposed that Outlook can be used to store files, no matter Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, Zip archives or pictures, etc. Thus, it...

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11 Useful Solutions When iPhone Keeps Restarting

If your iPhone shuts down abruptly and then keeps restarting, your iPhone data will be in danger. So you had better fix this issue as soon as possible. Now, this post will share 11 effective solutions with you. iPhone can suffer annoying keeping restarting issue due to various factors, such as improper iOS update, out-of-date third party applications, software glitch and hardware problems and so on. Under this circumstance, not only will the iPhone data become inaccessible, but also data...

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How to Quickly Delete the Unused Color Categories in Outlook

If you want to rapidly find out and delete the unused color categories, which are not assigned to any outlook items, you can utilize the VBA code introduced in this post. To better manage your Outlook items, perhaps you’ve created many custom color categories. However, after a period of time, you may find some categories are not useful any longer. For instance, it has been a long time that some color categories haven’t been used for a long time. In this case, actually, it is suggested to...

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