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2 Methods to Export a Specific Date Range of Your Outlook Calendar as an iCalendar (.ics) File

This article will share you 2 approaches to export a specific date range of Outlook calendar  as an iCalendar (.ics) file. You can choose either to your liking. In Outlook, you can export a whole calendar as iCalendar (.ics) file just via “Save as” feature. However, if you would like to quickly export a specific date range of the calendar as iCalendar, both the inbuilt “Save as” or “Export” function can’t help. Thus, here we will introduce 2 means to you. Method 1: Export...

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7 Vital Steps to Upgrade Your Computer Hard Drive

When you decide to upgrade your computer hard drive, if you have no idea about how to accomplish it, you can refer to this post. We’ll expose the 7 extremely vital steps when upgrading an internal hard drive. From my previous article “When Is It Necessary to Upgrade a Hard Drive?”, you can easily get when it’s time to upgrade your hard drive. For instance, if you find that your hard drive degrades drastically, you’d better upgrade to a new one, so that you can prevent data loss or...

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How to Limit the Number of Emails Opened at the Same Time with Outlook VBA

Keeping many emails opened at the same time can make your Outlook overloaded, leading to Outlook crash. Thus, it is suggested to limit the number of emails opened in the meantime. This post will teach you how to realize it with Outlook VBA. Outlook is prone to crash when it gets overloaded, such as when too many emails open at the same time. Therefore, you’d better only keep limited emails open at a time. Although Outlook doesn’t support this natively, you can easily achieve it via the...

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