Outlook Data Recovery

Making PST Files Work More Efficiently

Instead of allowing PST files to grow very large in size, it is advisable to keep only active items in the file and moving the others to another folder. We will see how by simply copying unwanted items to a local folder, we can make PST files work more efficiently and make recovery efforts more effective. The Personal Storage file or PST file is where Outlook stores all its data by default. Naturally, over a period of time, as more and more items get stored in this file, the file size...

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How Microsoft Outlook Users Can Manage the Huge Size of PST Files

When Microsoft Outlook is used on a regular basis, the PST file (which is the main file used for storing all the Outlook data) gets to be fairly large in size. This can create corruption in the file or affect the speed at which Outlook can perform. We look at how we can manage the huge size of PST files effectively. Microsoft Outlook uses Personal Storage Files or PST files as the format for storing all the Outlook data such as contact lists, appointments, calendar items, journal entries and...

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Hassle-Free Techniques to Fix Problems in Outlook PST File

Though the Personal Storage Files or PST files have proved to be a very effective storage format for Microsoft Outlook, it is very vulnerable and suffers corruption quite easily. Our article looks at ways in which we can fix problems in Outlook PST file using Outlook tools and third-party applications. One of the biggest advantages of the Microsoft Outlook application is the centralized storage system that it uses to store all the email messages and folders, respective attachments, contact...

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