Outlook Data Recovery

Innovative ideas to deal with a damaged PST file?

Damage to Outlook PST files is not a new problem as a lot of users face this problem time and again. Managing the PST file size and effective back up of data in most cases is the only safe way to prevent data loss. PST recovery process can be a painful process if the damage is beyond repair for the integrated Inbox Repair Tool provided by Microsoft along with Outlook. Effective management of PST files in your Outlook email client is the key for the health of all the important data stored in...

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How to securely back-up Outlook to avoid data loss?

Keeping a back up of important digital data is a wise idea and especially in the case where you deal with software like Outlook which handles your emails, contacts, drafts and calendar dates you need to be extra cautious. Today most people dealing with business use email client like Outlook and such email clients are vulnerable to various errors which can render the files corrupt which eventually lead to both data and monetary loss. To prevent such things from happening effective back up plan...

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How to recover a password protected PST file in short time?

PST is the format that email client like Outlook uses to store your personal information in your computer hard drive. Outlook allows users to protect the PST file by setting a password so that nobody can access your important files. However, in most cases the user tend to forget the password and fortunately the encryption Microsoft uses is not strong and the user can get access to the file again with the help of some third party software. Human beings have the tendency to forget things often...

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