Outlook Data Recovery

Unleash the Power of the Outlook Calendar feature

Owing to our hectic schedules, we tend to miss out on important things in life and at work. While trying to keep a track of our meetings and priorities with a paper based diary is passé, using a dedicated scheduler often becomes messy. Familiarizing yourself with a new software and then using it on a regular basis is a hassle and thus most professionals typically prefer the convenience of the Outlook calendar functionality to manage their schedules. Moreover the latest iterations of Outlook...

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Recovering PST files in Windows 8

As the world moved from desktops to tablets, the software behemoth Microsoft saw the writing on the wall and unleashed its futuristic Windows 8 operating system. With a rich feature set that can awe even the most jaded PC user, Microsoft in a single stroke managed to get the attention of an increasingly touch savvy user base and presented before them a striking new way to engage with their systems. At the same time it kept an option to choose the Desktop mode and retain the familiar Windows...

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Managing Add-ins in Ms Outlook

Over the years the Ms Outlook mail client has improved its features and has made its place as preferred application of choice for majority of business users. While Microsoft has tried to introduce new functions into the application, it cannot incorporate myriad of functions which a varied community of its users would want in their email client application. Hence it allowed people to incorporate add-ins which essentially are external modules that address specific requirements. It is interesting...

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