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Quick Tips for Using Ms Outlook for Marketing Outreach for Small Businesses

Marketing is the cornerstone behind the success of every business. If a business has to grow it needs to put in considerable efforts in marketing its products or services. Now when you consider the case of small businesses, many of them lack the sophisticated tools and manpower required to run marketing campaigns. Given the constraint, warming up to Microsoft as a marketing tool can be a rather fruitful idea. As a small business owner who uses Outlook for regular communication, you are likely...

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Creating Marketing Emails in Outlook – Avoid including too many Images

When we look at the several forms of digital marketing in vogue today, email marketing still seems to be going strong. As opposed to other forms of digital marketing including social media advertising and search engine adverts, sending a marketing email is way cheaper. More importantly when you are looking at the B2B market, email marketing is an absolute must. Now the Outlook application is often used by scores of organizations including small businesses for sending out marketing emails. At...

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Tips to Create Effectual Marketing Emails in Outlook and Avoid Spam Filters

In an increasingly competitive business arena, it is a huge challenge to reach out to possible prospects in a cost effective manner. Given the scenario email marketing still remains one of the most favored mediums of outreach. While a lot of people use email marketing software, in case you are dealing in a B2B market, using Outlook for email outreach is a rather potent idea. As opposed to mass marketing emails, a business customer is most likely to be tapped with a customized email directed at...

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